My Love of Walking

May 18, 2017 — 1 Comment

I’ve always loved walking, from a young age I always remember going for walks with my grandparents around their home in aintree. Great memories walking up and down the canal whilst trying to catch some fish, never did catch though unless we are counting the plastic bags in there. I’ve walking around the Lake District and spent days trekking around those green slopes. Stopping off at cafes or catching the boat crossing to Ambleside. 
Those early days I didn’t realise the benefits I was getting. I was just young, getting dirty and exploring. Walking was just part of the day as a young person. I was more interested in the cake at the cafe or the rocks I was going to jump off at the top of those hills.
These days the actually activity of walking is the only part that I’m interested in. The exercise, challenge and conversations I have on those walks are the most sought after experiences ( I still get dirty and jump of rocks when nobody is watch though). 
When I’m walking with my girlfriend around our neighbourhood during the working week, we put our respective worlds to right. If one of us have had a difficult day we talk it through, offer honest advice and by the time we get home we both feel we’ve decompressed the situation, found our next course of action to making our situations better and then are both able to enjoy a nice relaxing evening worry free. At the weekends we go on a more challenging walk, we often spend a morning walking around Formby pinewood and then walking across the dunes, these are perfect training ground for the walking weekends we take. The dunes are soft under foot and offer some amazing views.
Walking is a perfect activity if you’re needing to get something off your chest, realise the big picture and raise your motivation levels. All that and it’s a great antidepressant. Walking like all types of exercise releases endorphins into your brain, it basically makes you feel good about yourself, all for free with no special equipment needed.
Walking is that something you can easily do everyday, go get that 30 minutes of exercise in and keep yourself mentally and physically sharp. It really is the perfect exercise.


One response to My Love of Walking


    Excellent advice. Walking has many benefits and for ordinary everyday walking, doesn’t require any special equipment.


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