My Name is Graham, I’m in my late 20’s and I live in the North West of England. I’m new to Blogging but I feel by putting my experiences, interests and general goings on for everyone to see will help others realise you really can make things happen when you are in the biggest of ruts.

I’ve not going to bullshit you all and say I’ve been through some crazy stuff and had it harder than others as I haven’t. I wouldn’t say I’ve been overly privileged either. I’ve come from a loving family and I’ve had loving parents even if with some flaws. I’ve not been any type of loner either, the friends I have got are really good friends, quality over quantity, right?

All in all I feel like I’m just an average guy that has been pushed like others to only strive to be average. I know I’m on a long path to raise myself up from mediocrity, I’m just fortunate I’ve managed to open my eyes this early and make that change now before I fall into the same trap as my parents and people around me.

Amongst keeping you all up to date with my personal growth and business developments, I’m going to write a weekly blog on my favourite sport, American Football. I’ll start that sometime this late summer once pre-season games begin and then I’ll Write a weekly blog on how each game week has panned out for the contenders for post-season and to make the SuperBowl.

Please excuse my grammar and occasional poor punctuation, I don’t claim to be any type of English teacher but I’ll have a quick check before I publish it to appease the grammer police. I just hope what I write is of use to at least one person.